My name is Josiah James. I am a certified personal trainer and a former professional athlete. Basketball was my passion my entire life, but all good things must come to an end. I started LifeStyle Health & Fitness to reach people who may be intimidated by the gym but wanted to get healthy. I use my experience as a trainer and athlete to develop enjoyable training regimens that are accessible for every age and skill level. To date, I have helped my clients reach a broad range of  goals, including weight loss, muscle gain, toning, and rehabilitation. I often use the group coaching format to develop a community of supportive people that will hold one another accountable. From there, I have branched out to individual training and meal planning to move my clients closer to their goals.

I am based in Miami where fitness is a huge competitive business. I feel that there are two things that set me apart from my competition. First, I am a people person. I spent 10 years In Europe playing basketball where I worked with people from all different backgrounds. This is definitely an asset in growing my business. Second, I am not in this business to get rich quick or make a few bucks. I genuinely and truly want to help change people’s lives through fitness and nutrition.

My ultimate goal is to help people and change their lives through exercise and promoting healthy eating habits. It is no secret that regular exercising along with eating healthy will impact life expectancy and physical appearance which also  impacts confidence and promotes positive body image. Group classes are highly encouraged to help with team building and camaraderie. The most gratifying part of my job is when a client tells me how much weight they have lost, how good they feel, or how much more energy they have after a recent session with me.

With my passion and hard work I know that I can help you to accomplish your goals, one session at a time.